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Alerts – Management Only

  • Alerts are generated monthly or as needed to address any current issue that needs to be brought to the manager’s attention.  You can view and print by clicking “View” next to the topic you wish to see.

Audits – Management Only

  • Summaries – Management may view and print complete audit reports here by clicking “View” next to an audit’s date.
  • Task Manager – Here management may view a list of the items at your location that require corrective action based on the results of the prior safety audit(s).  Once an item is corrected, click the “Done” link next to the ID# to remove it from the list.  This will then reduce your current audit score.   If there was a photo taken of the item, you can click “View Photo” to see the photo in a new window.


  • List Documents – Management and employees may view any available document that has been uploaded and assigned to them.
  • People Assignment – Here management may assign an uploaded document to an employee.
  • Upload Document – Management may upload a document here.  The document would then need to be assigned to an employee in the People Assignment section.

Forms – Management Only

  • Here you will find a list of commonly used forms and logs that managers can view and print as needed.


  • This section provides online access to the company’s SDS records. Here, employees can view and print an SDS from the company’s Chemical List.
  • Management may add a new chemical by clicking on Add Chemical under the SDS tab.  If you’re unable to find the right product in the search feature, then click the “fill out this form” link to request a new SDS and ERS will search and add it for you.

Records – Management Access Only

  •  Respirator – Management Access Only
    • Assign Respirators – Managers may assign which respirator their employees wear.
    • Medical Evaluation – Managers may record medical evaluations that have been completed for each employee.
    • Fit Test – Managers may record fit tests that have been completed for each employee.
    • Change Schedule – Managers may record change out schedules for employee respirators.
    • View Reports – Managers can view and print employee respirator reports by selecting different options under this tab
  • Training
    • Certificates Earned – Training certificates earned may be printed by program or by selecting employees.
    • Course Progress / By Topic – This report will show a list of your employees under specific training topics.  It also shows the percent complete for the location.
    • Course Progress / By Employee – This report will show a list of your employees, what training topics they have completed, and the percent they have completed.  It will also show the percent complete for the location.
    • Incomplete Courses / By Topic – This report will show a list of your employees under specific training topic that have not completed a specific course.
    • Incomplete Courses / By Employee – This report will show a list of your employees and what training topics they have not completed.
    • Score Records – The score history section is where managers can review how employees have performed on the tests that were taken.

Safety Meetings – Management Access Only

  •  Safety Meeting material is emailed monthly to management and may be used as a refresher training course for employees.  The material is available in English and Spanish.  You may print the monthly training by clicking on “View” next to the date of the training you want to review with your employees.  There is a training register that the employees need to sign when they attend the training and this register should to be faxed into ERS at 318-253-7418.

Setup – Management Access Only

  •  Employee
    • This section is where new employees are setup, and managed.  Managers are able to change access permissions, supervisors, job titles, reset passwords and also archive employees that are no longer working for your company. To add a new employee, click on the “Add New Employee” button and enter the information that is requested. It is required that you enter information for all fields that have a red asterisk next to them.  The system will create a username based on this information entered. The employee’s initials plus the last four digits of their Social Security number will form their username.  If that username is already in the system, a number will be added to the end to make it unique. If the Access level of “employee” is chosen the employee will only see his/her information.  If “Department Manager” or “General Manager” is chosen the employee will have access to all the features available on the ERS Website and will be allowed to make changes to employee and company information.  When a Department or General Manager is added, their name will appear in the immediate Supervisor dropdown box for selection.The password used to initially login into the website is your customer number. The employee will be prompted to change his or her password when logging into the website for the first time or when their password has been reset. The password must consist of at least six digits and one letter.E-mail addresses are recommended for the testing system to function to its fullest potential. Scores are emailed to the employee and to the employee’s manager if they have email addresses in the system.

Training & Testing

  •  Online Courses
    • Employees will go here to access their assigned training material.  Depending on your industry and/or job description you may see more than one folder.  Click on the PLUS (+) next to the folder to access your training courses.  After clicking on the training course you will see the training material on the left and the test on the right.  After taking the test you will click “GRADE” and your score will appear on the right. Once you have completed the training course, a green check will appear next to course to show that you have completed it.  Once you have completed all of the training courses and your final you will be able to view or print your certificate under “Certificates” in this section.


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